My Past Projects

EEG + EMG Recording Device

Grade 12 Short Independent Study Project

The 4-bit CHUMP Computer

A 4-bit computer built from scratch on a breadboard

Resistor Capacitor Filtering

Visualizing waveforms with RC circuit stages

IR Nixie Tube Clock

Grade 11 Long Independent Study Project

The Electronic Sunflower

Using port and timer manipulation of the ATtiny85

LiDAR Measurement Device + 3D scanner

Grade 11 Medium Independent Study Project

IR Control

IR control with SPI data output to a 74HC595 and bargraph

Perma-proto Board ATmega328P

Moving the ATmega328P circuit to a perma-proto board

Breadboard ATmega328P

Custom circuit with a standalone ATmega328P built on a breadboard

UART Communication: Ask UNO

Using hardware UART to transmit mathematical computations between devices

Persistence of Vision

Driving a dual alphanumeric display with PoV

The Digital Traffic Light

Intro to Arduino by driving traffic light LEDs

The Analog Traffic Light

Grade 10 Independent Study Project

The Counting Circuit

Counting on a 7-segment display with digital logic and RC timing

The Analog Oscillator (aka The Astable Multivibrator)

A simple oscillating LED circuit exploring transistors and RC pairs

Capacitor Timing: The Capacitor Visualizer

Intro to Resistor Capacitor (RC) timing

Voltage Division

Resistor fundamentals: Building a voltage divider to control a bicolour LED