My past projects

EEG + EMG Recording Device

Grade 12 Short ISP

The 4-bit CHUMP Computer

A 4-bit computer built from scratch on a breadboard

Resistor Capacitor Filtering

Grade 12 Short ISP

IR Nixie Tube Clock

Grade 11 Long ISP

The Electronic Sunflower

Using port and timer manipulation of the ATtiny85

LiDAR Measurement Device + 3D scanner

Grade 11 Medium ISP

IR Control

IR control with SPI data output to a 74HC595 and bargraph

Perma-proto Board ATmega328P

Moving the ATmega328P circuit to a perma-proto board

Breadboard ATmega328P

Custom circuit with a standalone ATmega328P built on a breadboard

UART Communication: Ask UNO

Using hardware UART to transmit mathematical computations between devices

Persistence of Vision

Driving a dual alphanumeric display with PoV

The Digital Traffic Light

Intro to Arduino by driving traffic light LEDs

The Analog Traffic Light

Grade 10 ISP

The Counting Circuit

Counting on a 7-segment display with digital logic and RC timing

The Analog Oscillator (aka The Astable Multivibrator)

A simple oscillating LED circuit exploring transistors and RC pairs

Capacitor Timing: The Capacitor Visualizer

Intro to Resistor Capacitor (RC) timing

Voltage Division

Resistor fundamentals: Building a voltage divider to control a bicolour LED